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Let’s talk about unwanted hair. Permanent hair removal technology has come a long way. Let us show you how IPL permanent hair removal can keep you smooth all year long, regardless of skin tone. Imagine never having to worry about shaving, waxing or plucking ever again! With a few, quick treatments we can tackle any facial or body area that concerns you.

  • Up to 90% permanent hair removal
  • Great for legs, underarms, face, bikini, and more
  • Quick treatments with no downtime


Is Laser Hair Removal safe?

When it comes to the machines used in hair removal, the laser beam can’t penetrate past the dermis and is therefore extremely safe if used correctly.

How long do Laser Hair Removal results last?

Laser hair removal can sometimes create permanent results. This is because the laser attacks the hair deep in the follicle, permanently stopping any future hair growth. For others, there might be a need for infrequent touch-ups several months or years down the line.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different and can vary depending on things like where you are in your menstrual cycle or medications that can make the skin more sensitive. Some clients describe the sensation as warm and tingling likened to the feeling one has after a day on the beach. Others compare the feeling to a rubber band flicking the skin.

What To Expect?

At LaserBody M.D., we strive to ensure every patient is as comfortable as possible before, after, and during treatment. Depending on the treatment area, you may need to change into special garments for your session.

During your session, the technician will apply a gel and gently move the laser device back and forth across the treatment area. This device essentially heats up the hair follicles and kills the hair at the root so it can’t grow back. Treatment sessions typically last 15-20 minutes.

Since hair is constantly growing, you may need several sessions to fully rid the area of hair. New hair may grow back in the treated area but it will be sparse and more fine. Follow-up treatments will be scheduled several weeks apart for the best results.

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